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The Self in Social Judgment

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Notes on Mark D. Alicke, Joachim I. Krueger and David A. Dunning (Eds.) (2005) The Self in Social Judgment. Psychology Press


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Outline of the Book

    • Introduction - J.I. Krueger, M.D. Alicke, D.A. Dunning, "Self as Source and Constraint of Social Knowledge"
  • Part 1: Social Projection
    • J.I. Krueger, M. Acevedo, "Social Projection and the Psychology of Choice"
    • L. Van Boven, G. Loewenstein, "Cross-Situational Projection"
  • Part 2: Self-Enhancement
  • Part 3: Self and Others Compared
    • T. Mussweiler, K. Epstude, K. Ruter, "The Knife that Cuts Both Ways: Comparison Processes in Social Perception"
    • S.D. Hodges, "A Feature-Based Model of Self-Other Comparisons"
    • B.F. Malle, "Self-Other Asymmetries in Behavior Explanations: Myth and Reality"
  • Part 4: Integrative Approaches
    • E. Balcetis, D. Dunning, "Judging for Two: Some Connectionist Proposals for How the Self Informs and Constrains Social Judgment"
    • L. Gaertner, C. Sedikides, "A Hierarchy Within: On the Motivational and Emotional Primacy of the Individual Self"
    • S. Otten, "The Ingroup as Part of the Self: Reconsidering the Link between Social Categorization, Ingroup Favoritism and the Self-Concept"
  • Conclusion - D. Dunning, J.I. Krueger, M.D. Alicke, "The Self in Social Perception: Looking Back, Looking Ahead".


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