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Cognitive Illusions: A Handbook on Fallacies and Biases

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Notes on R. F. Pohl (2004) (Ed.) Cognitive Illusions: A Handbook on Fallacies and Biases in Thinking, Judgement and Memory. Psychology Press


This is an edited volume of textbook-style introductions to different biases, complete with suggestions for classroom experiments. It's not a book for a lay audience, but  ideal for undergraduates. There is some useful overview material in the introduction, setting the context for the investigation and classification of heuristics and biases.


A lot of the contributions are pretty much definitive, in terms of being well-written, covering a lot of research and putting it in a sophisticated, open-minded theoretical context. If you're doing any kind of course on this subject, you'll do yourself a huge favour if you get this book and study it.


Overview of the Book

  • Part 1: Thinking Illusions
    • J.E. Fisk, Conjunction Fallacy.
    • M.H. Birnbaum, Base Rates in Bayesian Inference.
    • S. Kurzenhäuser, A. Lücking, Statistical Formats in Bayesian Inferences.
    • M.E. Oswald, S. Grosjean, Confirmation Bias.
    • K. Fiedler, Illusory Correlation.
    • S.C. Thompson, Illusions of Control.
    • J. St. B.T. Evans, Biases in Deductive Reasoning.
  • Part 2: Judgment Illusions
    • R. Reber, Availability. K.H. Teigen, Judgments by Representativeness.
    • T. Mussweiler, B. Englich, F. Strack, Anchoring Effect.
    • C. Hackett Renner, Validity Effect.
    • R.F. Bornstein, C. Craver-Lemley, Mere Exposure Effect.
    • U. Hoffrage, Overconfidence.
    • M.W. Matlin, Pollyanna Principle.
  • Part 3: Memory Illusions
    • Heekyeong Park, Lynne M. Reder, Moses Illusion.
    • G.V. Jones, M. Martin, Orientation Illusions in Memory.
    • H.L. Roediger III, D.A. Gallo, Associative Memory Illusions.
    • R.F. Pohl, Effects of Labeling.
    • J. Pickrell, D.M. Bernstein, E.F. Loftus, Misinformation Effect.
    • R.F. Pohl, Hindsight Bias.
    • A. Wilson, M. Ross, Illusions of Change or Stability.
  • Perspectives
    • V.A. Gheorghiu, G. Molz, R.F. Pohl, Suggestion and Illusion.


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